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Hello and welcome to Lanyu Elementary School! We appreciate your taking the time to get to know more about us. We are one of four elementary schools on Orchid Island, and are the first elementary school to be founded on the island of Lanyu. Our school is located in Imorod Village, Orchid Island and our students are comprised mostly of Tao aboriginal children from the villages of Imorod and Iratay.


Lanyu Elementary School was founded in 1923 as the first elementary school on the island of Lanyu. Our beautiful campus is located in Imorod Village, and each classroom has beautiful views of the sea. As pottery making has long been a part of our school’s tradition, many of our classrooms and administrative buildings are adorned with an assortment of pottery hand-made by our students. Our school also has an array of traditional activities, such as the Flying Fish Festival and our annual Aboriginal (Tao) language competition. Each year we also have a school-wide activity in which students learn to recognize native plants and their medicinal uses, as they compete to create various dishes using these native ingredients to serve to their fellow students for lunch.


Our school’s core values are confidence, respect, sharing, and gratitude.


Confidence – We believe that it is important for our students to have a sense of confidence in and outside of the classroom. To prepare them for any challenges that they may encounter in their future, we hope to instill students with a spirit of optimism and hope towards school and towards life in general.


Respect – We believe that being respectful of others is an invaluable trait that is more important that test grades. Respect is the basis of human interaction, and we strive to ingrain within our students a sense of respect for their teachers, fellow students, as well as all living beings and the natural environment around them.


Sharing – We strive to teach our students to be gracious in acceptance of gifts and praise, while being generous in sharing whatever they may have. In the traditional society of Orchid Island, Tao households that were capable of catching many fish would share them with family, friends, and those in their community that were unable to catch fish of their own. We hope to honor and continue this tradition of sharing in our school.


Gratitude –We believe that being gracious is an essential part of being a human being. We hope to teach students to be grateful for every little thing in life, including gratitude towards their friends, teachers, and parents. We also strive to teach the importance of mutual respect as well as respect for our earth, the environment, and all living beings.



It has been our pleasure to introduce to you our school on Orchid Island. We sincerely hope that you may one day come visit and enjoy the beauty of our school’s campus, as well as experience first-hand the warmth and friendliness of our wonderful students. In the meantime, please enjoy the rest of our website and thank you for taking the time to get to know our school better!





Billy Chen

English Teacher (Lanyu Elementary School)


Lanyu Primary School




Lanyu Primary School locates at the west-south of Lanyu, which is the second largest subordinate island of Taiwan. (See the map). Beautifully sets in Red Head Village , provides a tranquil and comfortable environment for students to learn. Always encouraging students to achieve their potential and enlighten their creativity are the most essential. This school has 6 classes and has complemented tangible resources with Yami culture into vibrant extra-curricular activities.


To inherit the unique culture of Tao Tribe, Lanyu Primary School designs various activities to sustain traditional value and integrate with new ideas. Pottery-making has been especially the main activity in our school. Huang Guozheng, who has popularized pottery here for years. Tao's pottery culture was restricted by godliness and taboos, and even slight infringement was not allowed. However, tradition has evolved into artistic and modern form. Our campus was all over decorated by pottery artwork made by students, and through this activity, students would learn to deeply enjoy and appreciate the aesthetic feeling of culture relics.


Moreover, “A plant is not only a plant”, “Flying Fish Festival” and “Tao Language Development” are also held annually as theme programs to maintain and prevent the vanishing of Tao's tradition. As regards the nature resources in Lanyu, tropical humidity prevails the island and the climate is greatly affected by the current. The natural environment here is different from that of ; the animals, insects, and the vegetation species are peculiar. To make students here understand and cherish the value of wildlife diversity on this island is another main goal of Lanyu Primary School .


Only through education, Tao's offspring will realize the importance to the culture heritage passed over from their ancestors, and be proud of being part of it. To take the responsibility of passing over Tao's culture and cherish their tradition are both Lanyu Primary School 's missions.







-- Author: Miss Liouise Jeng